April D. Metzler

April D Metzler

The RSVP Show


CONTENT: Ministry

LENGTH: 30 Minutes


April Metzler has a heart for sharing a message with others: “God loves you”. Through her digital platforms, she facilitates connections and builds community by investing in others and their pursuits for the Kingdom of God. Additionally, she is a creative innovator desiring to help others become established and set a firm foundation to build upon in this new digital ministry landscape. Across the platforms she is involved in, she is a podcast host, book author, singer/songwriter, live broadcaster, blogger, inspirational speaker, and digital community leader. Most importantly, though, she is a daughter of God, a wife, and a mother, with family and friends that she loves with the depth of love that God has taught her thus far, and desires to grow even more in the knowledge of our Heavenly Father… for His glory alone.

Platform Mission
To provide Hope & Encouragement in sharing the Word of God and about His Great Love through the Music, Writing, Live Broadcasting, Blogging, Podcast, Videos, Graphics, Community Building, and all that I do for His Glory Alone! I desire to honor God and honor people, being a vessel of introduction that facilitates real connection back to the Father’s heart through Jesus Christ by the leading of the Holy Spirit.