Carol Helmick

Carol Helmick

Join Carol Helmick (and guests) on “Living Fearlessly”; where Bible studies are taught, Praise reports and Testimonies of healing are shared, and prophetic utterances and insights are expounded upon.

Living Fearlessly

SHOW: Living Fearlessly

CONTENT: Ministry

LENGTH: 30 Minutes

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Living Fearlessly is a weekly show where Bible studies are taught, Prayers are prayed, Praise reports and Testimonies of healings are read, and prophetic Words / Poems are shared and expounded upon.

The sole purpose for everything that is taught, shared, and spoken is to fuel your faith and encourage you to passionately pursue, and ultimately encounter The Love of the Father, and Jesus Christ Our Savior.

Teaching you how-to walk-in faith, and encouraging you as you find out and fulfill the call, plan, purpose, and destiny that God has for each of you; and learning how to live your life victoriously as over-comers along the way.

This is why you will hear me expounding upon the Power, Authority, and Importance of The Word of God, while at the same time revealing His Love, His character, and His nature.  

Bible Studies
A time for reading and studying directly from the Word of God, any topics, or messages that I am led to talk about; plus teaching, preaching, and sharing what I have learned along the way.

Praise reports and Testimonies of healings.
To God be All The Glory! Testimonies are IMPORTANT and God tells us to testify so… when someone writes in, giving me permission to share their testimonies with you; you will hear Praise reports, Testimonies of healings, and miracles; of how God delivered and set people free. And as well as having my own testimonies to share. Looking forward to sharing these!

Poems and Prophecy in poetic form

The Lord began downloading these starting in 1999. Everything I receive, is shared. (For some there is a background story or encounter that goes with it. I love sharing and expounding upon these “behind-the-scenes” experiences that takes place while receiving them. This gives a more comprehensive picture of what “The Message” is about).

Most of these can be found in my website, some are on my YouTube channel, and some have been posted on my social media page. Excited that I get to share these with YOU!

Much Love, Grace, and Peace through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ~ Carol Helmick