Carrie Kay Davis

Living A Healthy Lifestyle Show

SHOW: Living A Healthy Lifestyle


CONTENT: Health & Wellness

LENGTH: 30 Minutes

I’m Carrie Kay Davis I go by Carrie Kay! 

My passion is Holistic Health Coaching 

I’m the owner of Living A Healthy Lifestyle Show Tues 3pm live radio 106.1 tan talk radio host! Started Living A Healthy Lifestyle 

I love helping people to live that Healthy Lifestyle 

I’m a Motivational Speaker and Singer Song writer and Christian Comedian 

I’m a mother of 2 beautiful children and a grandmother I love my family! 

I work with Light therapy and magnetic therapy that will bring the body back to hemostasis!!


 As A survivor of the big C I use my experiences to help others heal! 

My Mission Statement is: Lead me guide me walk beside me help me find the the way teach me all that I can do to live with him someday


I am writing my first book Living A Healthy Lifestyle 

it is about a 5 step program I created 

1. mindset 

2. water 

3. nutrition 

4. exercise 

5. sleep 


My show is on Tuesday’s at 3pm on Living A Healthy Lifestyle on live radio 106.1  Tan Talk radio