Dorlisa Adams

Dorlisa Adams

The V.O.W.

SHOW: The V.O.W.

CONTENT: Teens & Students

LENGTH: 30 Minutes

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Dorlisa C. Adams is the wife of Ethan Adams. Together they reside in Columbia, SC Mrs. Adams is driven to help decrease domestic violence and passionate about community collaborations for the better good of all. Her background and expertise are in advocacy work and nonprofit development.

She has obtained a Master’s degree from Liberty University in public administration, with a focus in for-profit and nonprofit management. And she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology from Lander University.

While pursuing her education, Mrs. Adams established a nonprofit organization in 2014 called Visions of Women (V.O.W.) that garnered a 501 (c) (3) status in 2018. This organization is a volunteer-based group that helps teens and college students bring awareness towards teen dating violence, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and mental health to their college campuses. Today, students continue to provide self-awareness and prevention tools to their communities.

V.O.W. arose from Mrs. Adams’s experiences working in domestic violence shelters as well as the prevalence of unhealthy relationships and their negative impact on students in college. During her time at school, it became apparent that young women were not informed on how to advocate for themselves; had never had a healthy relationship modeled for them; nor were aware of the cycles of abuse or how to break them.

As such, Mrs. Adams developed the Visions of Women support groups to provide a safe space for women to learn about and discuss healthy relationships, domestic violence, sexual assault, and their individual autonomy. This group expanded to become a major activist group on campus-spearheading educational campaigns and outreach on domestic violence, sexual assault, and services available in the community for those experiencing unhealthy relationships.