Godfident Ladies Podcast

Godfident Ladies

With Maggie Kavanaugh

Maggie is a Coach, Speaker, Broadcaster/Podcaster, Author, and co-founder of Moving Forward Ministries 501c3. Maggie holds a Master’s Degree, is an ordained minister and works with teen girls, women of all ages, and couples for pre-marital and marital coaching with Biblical counseling. Maggie is passionate about seeing women set free by coaching and speaking about freedom topics and conducting conferences.

Maggie is known for her transparency, energy, and boldness as a speaker, as an advanced Speaker Silver through Toastmasters International. She is also a member of ASWA (Advanced Speakers and Writers Association member). She is a keynote speaker, has sat on several panel discussions, and taught in Christian Churches, Women’s Retreats, Corporate Businesses, Governmental Agencies, Summits, and Recovery Programs. Maggie overcame a destructive lifestyle and defeated cancer. She advocates for recovery and speaks to audiences of all ages about the power of freedom IN CHRIST.

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