Show Name : Red Lips & Divine Tips- Abuse Survival & Your Revival

Content Category : Domestic Violence & Abuse

Length of Show: 30 minutes


Show Description : 
Deep dive into Narcissistic, Mental Abuse. How to identify, cope with, and respond to manipulation & control tactics. Surviving & thriving post-trauma/abuse with self-love/care topics to rebuild yourself & life.

Short Bio : 

Pursuing my degree in Psychology, the mind has always fascinated me. Im Krystyna, Self-Love & Relationship Coach. As a coach, I have a platform also on YouTube where I advocate on the awareness of mental abuse in domestic violence, specializing in the topic of Narcissstic Personality Disorder. As a survivor, I have studied this topic for many years. My goal is to educate and build up each victim of abuse to rebuild not only their life, but to re discover who you are. To find your passion, inner peace, and the happiness you deserve.

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