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Featured Podcaster of the Month

Michele Davenport

Lori Michele Davenport is an Ordained Minister, Inspirational Speaker, Evangelist, Bible Teacher Speaker, Author, Columnist, YouTube Podcaster and has been a featured guest on both Radio and Television Talk Shows. She received her Associates Degree in Theological Studies from Biblical Life College and Seminary in Marshfield, MO.

Michele hosts two Vertical Hope radio shows on the Christian Mix 106. She also has a podcast called, Girl Talk. Her first book, Ripened on the Vine, has recently signed a movie option contract with Unveiled Studios out of Vancouver Canada with the Kooman brothers.

Michele has been spiritually gifted for healing, prophecy and faith. She has spoken at churches, positioned as a Keynote Speaker for women’s conferences and women & retreats. She has personally authored five books. Her passion is studying the Bible and creating cherished memories for her family.  

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