Show Name : Free to Soar

Content Category : Domestic Violence & Abuse

Length of Show: 30 minutes

Show Description : 
The purpose of the Free to Soar TV program is to educate those who will listen as to what domestic violence is. Included will be definitions for each type of abuse along with examples. The intent is that what we describe will sound recognizable, either in the viewer’s life orsomeone they know. Both Rebecca Adams and her co-host Becky Vermeire are passionate about seeing victims escape from their abusive situations.

Rebecca Adams
Becky Vermeire

Short Bio : 

Rebecca Adams

Within twenty-four hours after her wedding, Rebecca knew she had married the wrong man. Her husband, who had been kind and caring, suddenly became distant. Over time she began to see his true character–he was an abuser. By the time her book, also named Free to Soar, was published in 2011, she had been the victim of domestic violence more than 39 years.

About Rebecca’s Co-Host:

Becky Vermeire

The co-host of Free to Soar, Becky Vermeire, has been the Executive Director of the Crisis Center of Taney County for almost 25 years. She graduated from College of the Ozarks with a double major. One major was in Psychology, the other in Philosophy and Religion. Becky served on the Board of Directors for the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence for 20 years. She held the positions of President and Vice-President for four years. In addition, she has been a contract trainer throughout the State. She has been qualified in the Legal System as an expert witness to assist with the prosecution of domestic violence cases.

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Becky’s Contact Information:

Executive Director

The Crisis Center of Taney County

P.O. Box 282

Branson, MO  65615-0282

(417) 561-5105 office

(417) 561-5084 local hotline

866-379-0074 toll free hotline

717-744-TEXT textline

(417) 561-8405 fax