Show Name :  Shades of Beauty

Content Category :  Teens and Young Adults

Length of Show:  30 minutes

Show Description : 
Shades of Beauty is a non-profit organization that exists to inspire all girls and women to be the best versions of themselves they can be. We do this by focusing on the Word of God as we aim to help girls and women develop in several areas; love, identity, community, education, service, creativity, and leadership. On this show, you will see real people talk about real issues, showcase real creativity, and talk about a very real God. 

Short Bio : 

Sable Horton is a poet, writer, speaker, activist, award winning advocate, entrepreneur, performer, and a Bay Area Native, CA native. When she isn’t spending time with youth, young adults, or talking about God, you’ll see her in the streets ministering and advocating for survivors of human tracking and breaking the stigma surrounding mental illness. Sable is fun, relatable, and down to earth and wants everyone to know how beautiful, loved, wanted, and cherished they truly are.

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