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     💎 Topics that women want to heal the soul, nourish their spirit and beautify their body – Beauty, Health & Wellness, Talk Shows,                         Shopping and Encouragement, Wisdom from the Word of God

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No. You do not have to subscribe to ROKU nor have a ROKU TV to watch SOLWIN. Simply sign up &  make a Username and Password.

Write it down so you don’t forget! Then click on “LOGIN” on the website and watch your favorite episodes at anytime from your mobile device or laptop

No. SOLWIN is not a non-profit. However, we are a very charitable for-profit network with a heart for helping women survivors of abuse heal and prosper!

SOLWIN takes 10% of its revenue and tithes it towards churches and ministries and another 25% is given towards assisting women in shelters to get the domestic violence and abuse education, resources and hospitality baskets of needed items. These proceeds will also continually provide women in shelters the counsel from the Word of God and inspiration of the Diamond Hosts on SOLWIN TV.

Watching our network will encourage them to make the wises decision to leave their abuse and toxic environment, find peace through Jesus Christ, heal their souls and find their true God-given destiny!

Once an episode has aired, it will be automatically available to view 24/7 in our VOD libraries. Our VOD categories are catered towards women’s interests but also towards the body of Christ in general.

Some of those categories include, Money Matters, Domestic Violence & Abuse, Healing from ALL Abuse, Beauty, Church & Ministries, Comedy, Cooking, Shopping, Teen & College Age & SOLWIN Music TV!

Yes, at any time you are able to cancel your subscription.

If you would like a free subscription, you are able to get a full year for free for encouraging 4 other people to sign up for SOLWIN TV.