Show Name :  Financial Fix

Content Category : Money Matters

Length of Show: 1 hour

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Financial Fix is a show where you get a chance to learn everything you want to know about money from creating a sticking to a budget to money saving strategies to retirement investing to senior programs and everything in between. You will also have an opportunity to learn more about the non-profit I founded and run based in the Kansas City Metro area, Moneytalk Financial Foundations.

Short Bio : 

Teresa McGarry is a survivor of mental, emotional, and spiritual abuse. Teresa holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer programming and a Master’s degree in project management. She worked as a computer programmer and project leader for 15 years, served on her local CERT (community emergency response team) for 5 years, and is a lifelong woman of faith. She has always had a passion for teaching and coaching, collaborating with individuals and organizations where possible, and helping others by providing a hand up and a way forward. She founded  Moneytalk Financial Foundations in 2012 based on the visions provided by God and stepping out in faith.

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