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We are a Christian network driven by unwavering integrity and anchored in faith in God. Our purpose is to curate and promote products, services, and content that embody our core values and serve our overarching mission. At the heart of our mission is the desire to bring wholeness, hope, value, encouragement, and peace to each of our viewers.

We stand firmly for truth and uphold the principles of freedom of speech, while fostering an environment free from derogatory language or hateful acts. Our commitment to love extends to all people, regardless of their race, religion, level of education, or socio-economic status.

Through SOLWIN, we aspire to touch the lives of our viewers, allowing them to experience healing and restoration in their souls. Our ultimate vision is to empower them to thrive in every facet of their lives 

In a world marred by the aftermath of the 2020 pandemic and numerous tragic events, the need for positive content has never been more pressing. We firmly believe that SOLWIN serves as a divine media vessel, bringing God’s good news to those who are seeking reassurance that goodness still prevails. We affirm that God reigns on His throne, orchestrating remarkable plans for each person to fulfil their unique purpose.

Together, let us embark on this transformative journey, spreading positivity, hope, and the message of God’s eternal love through the powerful medium of SOLWIN.


Our vision is rooted in compassion and centered around providing a global haven for women, particularly those who have endured abuse or trauma. We aspire to create a safe and nurturing space where they can find solace, experience a sense of worthiness, and embrace love. Through curated content that resonates deeply with women’s hearts, we aim to facilitate their healing and restoration, while fostering spiritual growth through the teaching of God’s Word.

At the core of our vision is the proclamation of Jesus Christ’s name, which unifies our viewers and creates an authentic sense of belonging within our community. We strive to forge genuine connections, forming a TV family that shares in the transformative power of God’s goodness and boundless love.

Together, let us journey towards wholeness, healing, and spiritual growth, as we embrace the unifying message of Jesus Christ and cultivate a strong and interconnected community of women on SOLWIN.


We are currently accepting applications for future SOLWIN TV hosts. If you are interested in having your own show or would like commercial airtime for your business or ministry, please follow the steps below. If we feel like you are a good fit for SOLWIN, we will then contact you to schedule a Zoom call where we can interview you “face to face” and get to know you a bit better. SOLWIN TV is the very first Christian Domestic Violence and Anti-Abuse Against Women & Children network dedicated to the healing and restoration of all survivors across the globe. If you share this same passion and believe the Lord has called you to be in front of a camera for HIS purposes, then we would hope you apply with us!


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