Faith & Hope with Sweet Tea & Sass Podcast

Faith & Hope with Sweet Tea & Sass

With Arnold & Elizabeth Clamon

Arnold and Elizabeth have been married for nearly four decades. In that time, they raised three children and have been blessed with six grandchildren to date. They have known love and prosperity but have also experienced hardship and tribulation during their marriage. It is through these periods, that they learned to lean on each other and God to become stronger.

Together, they weathered Arnold’s 33-year career in the Air Force. During this time, he rose from airman first class to Lieutenant Colonel at the time of his retirement in 2021. Over the years, they experienced 14 moves while raising and homeschooling their three children and three additional moves after their children were grown. Moving is certainly a challenge for families, but 17 moves in 37 years had the potential to tear any marriage apart.

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