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About Danielle Renee

Danielle Renee is a podcast host, entrepreneur, practitioner (COTA/L), domestic violence survivor, and Certified Christian Life Coach. Danielle has dedicated her life to the Abundantly Able community. The Abundantly Able community is made up of Christians of all ages, who battle disorders, disabilities, and other diagnosis.
Danielle is the business owner of a faith-based business, Good Worx Brain Worx LLC which focuses on brain health and life coaching. She has also partnered with a national, faith-based, therapy company in order to advocate for, and rehabilitate the geriatric population.

God has recently called Danielle to start a non profit! While the Abundantly Able’s podcast is currently meeting the short term goal, to encourage, enlighten, and unite Christians who battle disorders, disabilities, and other diagnosis. However, Danielle’s personal battles of being diagnosed with multiple disabilities (including ADHD, Dyslexia, and a debilitating autoimmune disease) has opened her eyes and heart to the desperate need for resources, respite, encouragement, and financial support within her tribe. The long term goal for Abundantly Able is to be transformed into a non-profit that will answer the prayers of such worthy Christian warriors!

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