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About Michele Snyder

Michele Snyder is the Founder/Chief Executive Officer of Empowered to Change International, Inc. Empowered to Change International, Inc. is a community-based human services non-profit organization that spans across Florida and abroad that reaches the vulnerable in communities.

She is responsible for ensuring the success of the organization’s mission. She provides leadership in engaging, serving, and advancing the interest of those in communities that often face disenfranchisement and disparities. She focuses on bridging the gap between public organizations, the Judicial System, and public officials to bring community investment at the fore front of conversations. She holds the fiduciary responsibility of this debt free organization, while continuing to build the resources needed for a thriving future. Empowered to Change International, Inc, grew over 800% within five years of being founded and continues to grow despite pandemic challenges.

She has contributed widely to the development of senior managerial roles in strategic planning and visioning. She builds relationships and creates partnering opportunities in communities. She thrives in attracting new donor memberships and new business developments to maintain the mission moving forward in changing lives. Michele looks to the use of technology to advance the organization, event turnaround, and program management.

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