Show Name : Beauty, Style & Grace

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Length of Show: 30 minutes


Show Description : 
Join Myralynn Ballon & guests on “Beauty, Style & Grace” as they share living testimonies of God’s Love, Light & Joy, Beauty Tips & Tutorials, & Inspirational Life Lessons on SelfHealing, Self-Love, Self-Care, Self-Worth, & Self-Confidance 

Short Bio : 

Myralynn Ballon is a Beloved Wife, Mother of 2 with another blessing on the way, a Chronic Pain Warrior, Educator, Disability Advocate, 

Make-Up Artist, Lover of all Things & has received an anointed calling from above to do God’s Work of spreading Nothing but LOVE, LIGHT & JOY around the world.  

She is a survivor of multiple suicide attempts & experienced 2 hospitalizations. She has battled severe depression, PTSD, anxiety, physical disabilities due to a traumatic fall after delivering her first born child, which changed her physical life tremendously, alongside has experienced group & individual therapy. 

Myralynn’s purpose & mission in her life is to help bring Heaven down to earth, as a vessel of Love, Light & Joy. To help guide all souls around the world back home safe under the shadow of God’s wings. 

We can all be the change we wish to see in the World. And I know it is possible, as I went through my own personal transformation when I fully surrendered to the Lord, laid down my life & received the Holy Spirit, now living a New Life with Christ.  

The change begins within each of us deep within our souls. When our hearts, minds, souls & spirits are purely aligned with nothing but LOVE, you will truly experience what I see & feel each waking day, “Living Life Heaven on Earth!”


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