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Our world is in DESPERATE need of positive content with all that has transpired in the aftermath of 2020 pandemic & many other tragic events. We believe that SOLWIN is God’s great media vessel of HIS good news to those that need to believe that GOOD does still happen and GOD is still ruling and reigning on His throne with great plans for each person to fulfill.

    SOLWIN's Purpose

    Our heart-centered purpose is to bring women, especially those who have survived abuse or trauma, to a safe gathering place where they feel valued and worthy of love through various subjects that are close to women’s hearts. We also desire to see them fully healed and restored while growing spiritually by the teaching of God’s Word & the hearing of uplifting stories of God’s goodness and great LOVE. Jesus Christ is the name that is preached and brings a unifying bond amongst every viewer feeling a true bond and a genuinely connected TV family.

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